For some of us, life can be like wandering around in a maze … in the dark … with a blindfold! What’s the point? Will the light ever shine? Are the rewards worth it? Despite the many detours and difficulties endured over the years, I’d have to say “yes!”

This blog offers peer to peer perspectives gleaned from 30 plus years of personal recovery experience for childhood abuse trauma survivors, supporters, and others navigating the maze of life.


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I’m a woodcrafter, writer, advocate, spiritual growth consultant and chronic childhood abuse survivor with a knack for facilitating people in three key elements of recovery: insight, understanding, and self-acceptance. Do I have all the answers? No. And, I’ve learned numerous tools and gained a multitude of subtle and profound details in 29 years of personal growth and recovery. So while these may not be the only keys, in my experience, they are certainly key building blocks of progress.

Navigating the maze of emotional conflicts arising from various forms of abuse trauma is difficult, confusing, and painful. So many misunderstandings. So many hurdles. So many conflicting and contrary beliefs. Many of these issues were completely unconscious to me when I started. I just knew I hurt. Plus, all the stigma, victim blaming and shaming, and other prevalent misunderstandings in the culture pours more acid in the wounds and discourages survivors from speaking out and reaching out. I want to do what I can to help change that.

As a fairly perceptive introspective introvert who’s devoted over half my life to recovery, I have something of value to share. Plus sharing helps me further my own recovery. It isn’t always easy. Actually, it’s almost never easy. I’m not “there” yet. I’m still learning. Still growing. Still recovering. I suppose I will be for the rest of my life. But it does get better.

Read the posts. Click on the Introduction link for more about my experience, attitude and perspective. And….

If I’ve learned anything that can help survivors, their supporters, and others affected by abuse trauma understand and improve their lives, I welcome opportunities to share.



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